/ Square Foot
/ Square Foot

Add .50 for pet urine on synthetics and 1.00 for pet urine on Natural fibers.

We clean area rugs and orientals from all over the world to include Persia, India , Chinese and clean rugs such as Karastans, Navajo, tribal rugs etc.

A word from our Valued Clients

Drying Centrifuge

There are only a few centrifuges in the state of North Carolina.
And we have one of them!

A centrifuge will dramatically decrease the drying time of your fine rug.  It spins at 1400 RPMs, and in the first 10 seconds has already dispersed 90% of the water in your rug.

We’re an Open Book

We feel so confident that you will love how we pamper your fine rug, that we invite you to stay and watch every step of our cleaning process.

We will also provide you with a front row seat, coffee and light snacks.

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