Platinum Professional Rug Cleaning is a family owned business that takes pride in their work and loves making your treasured rugs look like new.

Mike the owner has invested time and money in understanding the characteristics of Wool and other natural fibers. Mike is Wool-safe certified and has the certification of a Wool-safe cleaner. Mike also surrounds himself with many Rug ID experts and Cleaning experts across the US. Mike spends about 10 hours each month participating in webinars and various training and group discussions with other Ruggies. 


Every fine, treasured rug is unique.

They all have different dyes, yarns, wools, type of knots, etc.

When we inspect your fine rug, we are looking for what is the best way to clean your rug, considering its unique qualities.

Platinum Professional Rug Cleaning strives to help you preserve your treasured rugs for generations to come with expert rug care, cleaning, restoration, preservation, and protection services.